Tourism in Sanikiluaq

Travelling to and around Sanikiluaq

For the traveller in Sanikiluaq there are many ways to see and enjoy the culture, wildlife and beautiful terrain that surround the hamlet. The archipelago may be explored by canoe and sea kayak, and the coast and lakes provide many opportunities to fish. On land one may travel to view the wildlife, make a birding trip, or just enjoy the almost untouched northern landscape. During the summer, one can camp and hike in the islands and during the winter one can ski and camp by igloo. Snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles are available to rent within the town throughout the year. Whatever way one chooses to explore the region, there are guides and outfitters in Sanikiluaq who are able to assist the traveller. One can, of course, also investigate the local arts and crafts industries within the town itself.

Joel Heath

At present, there is no travel office in Sanikiluaq, but information may be found by contacting the central Hamlet Office (phone: 867-266-7900) In addition, there is a wildlife officer (phone: 867-266-8098) who can give further information about the region’s birds, animals and marine life. The wildlife officer should also be contacted if you intend to hunt or fish as the office can provide licenses and information regarding fees and other regulations. To serve travellers, there are also two hotels (Amaulik Hotel and the Inns North Sanikiluaq) and the Northern Store. Two air carriers fly regularly to Sanikiluaq airport just outside of town. Air Inuitflies from Montreal with a short stop in Kuujjaarapik. One can also fly from Winnipeg by Kivalliq Air. For more information about coming to and staying in Sanikiluaq do contact the Hamlet office.